Lanolin Products

The best skin care products made from the lanolin in the NZ sheep wool.
  • Alpine Silk Gold Placenta
    100 gr tub of beautiful Alpine Silk Gold Placenta day creme with Aloe Vera
    NZ$ 30.10
  • Alpine Silk Collagen Creme 100gr tub
    Enriched with Pure Lanolin, Collagen & Vitamin E. Alpine Silk Nourishing Collagen Creme will help revitalise and protect your skin.
    NZ$ 23.10 Each
  • Alpine Silk Moisture Creme 100gr tub
    Enriched with Pure lanolin & Vitamin E. The secret of Everyday Moisture Creme has been passed down through generations and today is our most popular formula.
    NZ$ 19.50 Each
  • Auskins Lanolin
    100 gr tub of Auskins Lanolin Cream.
    NZ$ 18.50 Each
  • Merino Lanolin Skin Creme 100gr tub
    Merino Lanolin Skin Creme is the ideal way to penetrate & nourish even the driest of skins. A rich non-greasy multi-purpose formula. Lanolin skin creme is a unique blend of natural lanolin, glycerin and moisturising oils. Apply daily to soften hands, cracked heels & elbows. Helps repair damaged skin & relieve dry skin irritation.
    NZ$ 19.60 Each
  • Manuka Hand & Nail Repair
    Natural hand and nail repair with Manuka honey and lanolin
    NZ$ 14.60 Each
  • Alpine Silk Organic Rosehip Oil 100ml
    This Hand & Body Lotion combines the moisturising benefits of lanolin with the unique anti-aging & rejuvenating properties of Organic Rosehip Oil. Lanolin, which is naturally present in sheep's wool, provides the perfect moisturiser for protection and softening of the skin.
    NZ$ 20.10 Each
  • Alpine Silk Lip Balm 50gr
    Lip Balm SPF30, wit Pure Lanolin, Aloe Vera, Jojoba & Vitamin E Alpine Silk Nourishing Lip Balm SPF30 helps to ensure your lips stay soft and hydrates while protecting them from harmful UV sun damage.
    NZ$ 12.60 Each
  • Manuka Soap
    NZ$ 3.50 Each
The best skin care products made from the lanolin in the NZ sheep wool.

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