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  • Alpaca Yarn
    Gorgeous 100% alpaca yarns. We have a good range of hand spun yarns which have been spun from our own alpaca fleeces. Commercially spun yarn also in stock.
  • Knitting Patterns
    Heaps of gorgeous knitting Patterns written for alpaca yarn.
  • Bedding
    We only sell certified 100% alpaca filled duvets using 100% New Zealand Alpaca fleeces. The light, hollow core of alpaca fibre offers superior warmth. We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping so we believe it is important to invest in the best possible equipment for sleep. • Light weight • Moisture absorbent • Suitable for all year round • Naturally hypoallergenic • Regulates body temperature • Naturally resistant to dust mites, mould and mildew • A natural flame retardant
  • Baby Items
    Babies can wear alpaca products straight onto their soft skin. Baby socks, singlets and hats. All 100% alpaca. We're constantly adding more items.
  • Children's
    All sorts of things for the kids. Boys and girls aged 1 year to approx 10 years
  • Ladies
    We carry a really nice range of ladies clothing. New colours being added all the time. From summer lightweight lace tops to the wonderful ponchos with built in hoods. Realistic prices and good quality imported alpaca blend and also NZ made 100% alpaca.
  • Homewares
    Stunning floor rugs and wall hangings. Letter openers made from Alpaca Silver, key rings and bags hand made in Peru.
  • Lanolin Products
    The secrets of Merino lanolin and Alpine Silk skincare was discovered back in 1890 in one of the world's most natural and unique environments - an isolated sheep station in Canterbury, New Zealand. Here amongst the snow capped mountains and wild braided rivers, Merino sheep grazed this place of wild beauty. Every year these sheep were mustered on horse back and driven down from the mountaintops to the homestead below, where they were harmlessly hand-shorn. It was found the softest hands on the station where those of the shearer's. Why was this? All day the shearer's hands were immersed in the sheep's wool. This wool was heavy with nourishing Lanolin Oil. As a result the station owners wife realised the natural skincare qualities of Lanolin and began to make her own Lanolin based soaps and skincare. Her secrets were passed down many generation hence the products now available in New Zealand today.
  • Mens Wear
    Án ever increasing range of alpaca clothing to suit everyone. From casual to evening accessories, constantly changing as more fleeces are processed.
  • Footwear
    Slippers, Socks and Innersoles to fit everyone. Warmth you won't believe and very hard wearing.
  • Hats
    Hats, hats and more Hats. Huge range of colours and sizes. Something for everyone. Beanies, Flap hats, Berets, Caps, Reversible Hats
  • Scarves
    Wonderful scarves, handmade, machine made, woven something for everyone. Huge range of colours and sizes to choose from
  • Gloves
    100% Alpaca gloves can't be beaten for warmth and comfort. A great range of popular colours available in Medium or Large
  • Toys
    Wonderful toys, We also have alpaca made from real alpaca hide. These come in a huge range of colours. Please just ask for a photo. Extra Soft and Extra cuddly
  • Books / Cards
    Wonderful range of hand crafted cards with a great theme of either alpaca or llama. Stunning hard covered children's books to keep any youngster occupied

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