Hand Spun 100% Alpaca Yarn

Beautiful fleeces handspun from our own alpacas by very talented ladies.
  • Perses - White
    A beautiful white which has been handspun by Elaine.
  • Twilight - White
    This is a beautiful creamy white. Grown by Twilight and spun by Elaine.
  • Kore lovely cream Handspun
    Kore is one of our very special girls that produces consistantly great fleece and babies. has been lovingly spun by Sam. This is a big fleece and still being spun so there is more weight options to come.
    Out Of Stock
  • Serpentine - Mid Fawn
    This is a wonderful mid fawn. Beautifully hand spun by Elaine.
  • Sue a nice mid fawn
    Handspun 100% Alpaca grown by Sue Spun by Sam
  • All Natural - Dark Fawn
    Light, soft and warm. This yarn is a lovely dark fawn colour, grown by All Natural and wonderfully hand spun by Elaine.
  • Fei Fei/Wendy - Dark Fawn
    This gorgeous dark fawn fleece is a combination of Fei Fei and Wendy and has been beautifully spun by Sam
  • Schique Dark Fawn
    Lovely fleece grown by Shique and spun by Sam.
  • Coco beautiful soft chocolate brown
    This is a gorgeous fine fleece grown by Coco and spun by Sam. Just this one hank left of this yummy chocolate brown weighing 145 grams
    NZ$ 48.35 Each
  • Chen Fu - Dark Brown
    A beautiful dark chocolate brown from Chen Fu. Handspun by Sam, comes in 130gr, 140gr and 150gr.
  • Tungstan Lad
    Lovely grey 8-10 ply spun by Sam This is the last of this product
    NZ$ 35.50
  • Koala Cris
    A unique light grey which has been handspun by Elaine.
  • Tourquiose - Silver Grey
    A lovely silver grey lovingly handspun by Sam. 8-10 ply
  • Metallica
    Beautiful fine charcoal grey fleece, loving spun by Sam. This yarn has a lovely soft feel to it and will keep you cosy and warm in what ever you choose to make with it
  • Nickle & Lexell - Roan
    A beautiful mix of Nickle and Lexell, spun by Elaine.
  • Sun Crystal - Black
    This is a wonderful true black. Beautifully hand spun by Elaine
  • Yi Yang - Black
    Another beautiful black that has been handspun by Elaine.
  • Darkside
    A beautiful black yarn from 'darkside'. Spun by Sam.
Beautiful fleeces handspun from our own alpacas by very talented ladies.

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