Knitting Accessories

Knitting Accessories 
Everything you need as extras for your work.
  • Cable Needles
    Choose between a pair of 4 mm straight cable needles. A pair of bent or the triple pack with three different sized cable needles.
    NZ$ 5.00 Set
    13 in stock
  • Knit Gauge with cutter
    This is a bigger knitting gauge with extra conversions and a cutter and good rulers
    NZ$ 6.50 Each
    2 in stock
  • Knit Pro Locking Row Markers
    Cute little padlock locking row markers.
    NZ$ 6.05 Each
    8 in stock
  • Knit Pro Needle Point Protectors
    Pink for needles 4.5 mm to 10 mm and blue for 2 mm to 5 mm
    NZ$ 6.05 Each
    3 in stock
  • Knit Pro Ring Markers
    KNow you are safely onto the next row with these row markers securely in place
    NZ$ 6.05 Each
    4 in stock
  • Knitting Needle Gauge
    Easily work out the correct needle for the job. No matter what country your pattern was written in you can quickly sort out the needle required.
    NZ$ 5.25 Each
    8 in stock
  • Needles Darners and Knitters
    A great assortment of needles for those of you working with wool.
    Choose the twin pack knitters needles or the 7 pack darners needles.
    NZ$ 5.00 Each
    In Stock
  • Row Counter
    Keep track of you rows with these row counters. Two sizes available 2 to 5 mm or 5.5 to 7.5 mm
    NZ$ 4.50 Each
    6 in stock
  • Stitch Holder
    Aluminium holders. 17 cm in length
    NZ$ 4.30 Each
    4 in stock
  • Tape Measure
    A good old fashioned Tape measure. We all use them when knitting or sewing. Standard length inches on one side cm on the other.
    NZ$ 3.90 Each
    14 in stock
  • Knitting Elastic
    Knitting Elastic in white only at this stage
    NZ$ 5.40 Each
    In Stock
  • Shirt Buttons
    A fantastic little pack to have on hand. 20 clear buttons in 4 different sizes.
    NZ$ 4.80 Each
    10 in stock
  • Pom Pom Maker
    I just love my pom pom maker. They are so fast, re-usable and the size of pom pom can be changed by removing a coloured ring.
    NZ$ 5.30 Each
    3 in stock
Everything you need as extras for your work.

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