Knitting Needles Etc

  • Cable Needles
    Choose between a pair of 4 mm straight cable needles. A pair of bent or the triple pack with three different sized cable needles.
    NZ$ 5.00 Set
  • Circular Needles 3.25 mm to 9 mm
    Circular needles in a choice of 40 cm, 60 cm or 80 cm lengths. We sell a mixture of Sullivan's and Craft Co so packaging may vary than that shown. If the size you are looking for isn't showing please just ask us and we'll get it for you.
  • Knit Gauge with cutter
    This is a bigger knitting gauge with extra conversions and a cutter and good rulers
    NZ$ 6.50 Each
  • Knit Pro Cable Connectors
    A trusted brand and a wonderful way to extend the length of your circular needles
    NZ$ 5.05 Each
  • Knit Pro Circular Cables
    A very popular high quality product that we have been asked to stock. Sizes etc will be added as requested.
  • Knit Pro Crochet Hooks
    For those who love to crochet!
    NZ$ 10.70 Each
  • Knit Pro Interchangeable Circular Needles
    The ever popular Knit Pro Circular needles. More sizes coming.
  • Knit Pro Locking Row Markers
    Cute little padlock locking row markers.
    NZ$ 6.05 Each
  • Knit Pro Needle Point Protectors
    Pink for needles 4.5 mm to 10 mm and blue for 2 mm to 5 mm
    NZ$ 6.05 Each
  • Knit Pro Ring Markers
    KNow you are safely onto the next row with these row markers securely in place
    NZ$ 6.05 Each
  • Knitters Fixer
    Quickly pick up those dropped stitches. We all do it.
    NZ$ 5.80
  • Knitting Needle Gauge
    Easily work out the correct needle for the job. No matter what country your pattern was written in you can quickly sort out the needle required.
    NZ$ 5.25 Each
  • Knitting Needles 2.25 to 8mm
    These knitting needles are 35 cm long. Also choose your size 2.25 mm through to 8 mm. We sell a mixture of Sullivan's and Craft Co knitting needles so the packaging may vary to that shown.
  • Row Markers
    Great handy little markers. Use for circular kntting, packet contains many different sized markers
    NZ$ 4.00 Each
  • Bamboo Crochet Hooks
    Available at this stage 3 mm and 4 mm
    NZ$ 5.20
  • Bamboo Knitting Needles
    sizes 2.25mm or 4mm
    NZ$ 5.80
  • DPN 2.25mm to 9mm x 20cm
    Strong double pointed needles for those of you who don't like the circular needles.We sell both Sullivan's and Craft Co products, so packaging may vary but the quality is still the same. Choose 2.25 mm through to 9 mm. All are 20 cm lengths
  • Needles Darners and Knitters
    A great assortment of needles for those of you working with wool. Choose the twin pack knitters needles or the 7 pack darners needles.
    NZ$ 5.00 Each
  • Row Counter
    Keep track of you rows with these row counters. Two sizes available 2 to 5 mm or 5.5 to 7.5 mm
    NZ$ 4.50 Each
  • Stitch Holder
    Plastic and Aluminium holders. 17 cm in length
    NZ$ 4.30 Each
  • Tape Measure
    A good old fashioned Tape measure. We all use them when knitting or sewing. Standard length inches on one side cm on the other.
    NZ$ 3.90 Each

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