Slippers, Socks and Innersoles to fit everyone. Warmth you won't believe and very hard wearing.

Alpaca socks and Innersoles for the warmest of feet. Hard wearing these products will out last any others on the market.

  • Essential Socks
    Alpaca socks The Essential range is an everyday sock you won't want to be without. Lightly tufted sole for warmth and fine upper foot for comfort. Available in Black - Moss and Bracken. Proudly NZ made. 75% Alpaca 22% Nylon 3% Lycra
    NZ$ 24.90 Each
  • Classic Socks
    A fine dress sock with excellent wearing qualities - for warm or cool temperatures. Proudly NZ made. 72% Alpaca 28% Nylon/Lycra Note: Limited stock available.
    NZ$ 22.80 Each
  • Alpaca Motif Socks
    These little sockettes are not made from alpaca yarn but have a really cool alpaca motif on them. All small size at this stage but more are coming. These are medium size 4 to 7
    NZ$ 9.60 Each
  • Knitted TV Slippers
    Great comfy hand knitted TV Slippers. Easy to slip into after a hard day. These are the slippers that your Grandmother used to knit.
    NZ$ 38.30 Each
  • Alpaca Leg Warmers
    After many requests we have decided to start making these delightful cable leg warmers. More colours to come as we get them made or feel free to check out our 8ply yarn colours and request the colour of your choosing.
    NZ$ 66.20
  • Felted Innersoles
    Fantastically warm and comfortable. These innersoles are like nothing else you have tried. They last for years. In your gummies, or work boots, slippers or dress shoes. Keep your feet warm while standing on the sidelines watching the rugby. 80% Alpaca 20% Wool. Hand-made right here in Fairlie.
    NZ$ 24.00 Each
  • Comfort Health Sock
    Soft stretch roll top. Kind to circulation problems. Lightly tufted throughout for warmth without pressure Proudly made in NZ
    NZ$ 25.50
  • Baby Socks 3 to 6 mths.
    Again a lovely natural fibred sock. From baby to baby as they are made from 100% Baby Alpaca here in NZ
    NZ$ 10.80 Each
  • Baby Socks 6 to 12 mths.
    100% Alpaca and NZ made. 6 to 12 Mths. Choose from a great range of colours
    NZ$ 13.95 Each
  • Toddler Socks 1 to 2 years
    100% Alpaca and NZ Made. 1-2 years Choose from many colour options
    NZ$ 16.30 Each
Slippers, Socks and Innersoles to fit everyone. Warmth you won't believe and very hard wearing.

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