Glittens Adult size - Gloves

Glittens Adult size
Glittens - a cross between a glove and a mitten. Cosy warm mittens but when you need your fingers free then simply just flip the top over your fingers and they become fingerless gloves. Lots of cool colour options. Made here in Fairlie, NZ.
NZ$ 40.20
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[{"colour":"Mid Navy","size":"","price":40.2,"pid":1752102,"style":"","disabled":true,"imgsrc":"/images/271127/Gloves/glittenPlum.jpg","title":"Glittens Adult size"},{"colour":"Peacock","size":"","price":40.2,"pid":1752103,"style":"","disabled":true,"imgsrc":"/images/271127/Gloves/glittenPlum.jpg","title":"Glittens Adult size"},{"colour":"Cobalt","size":"","price":40.2,"pid":2873824,"style":"","disabled":true,"imgsrc":"/images/271127/Gloves/glittenPlum.jpg","title":"Glittens Adult size"}]
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  • Posted: 2023-08-01