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What animal am I
What animal am I?
Is a fantastic child's guide to alpacas by Barb Game an alpaca breeder.
This hard covered children's book has real photo's all the way through it. Just lovely. Great present from the grand parents to grand children

What a delightful book!  With its endearing front cover photograph and bright green cover with it's background of pasture, this is going to be a real winner with children in the lower primary school grades.  A variety of  huacaya alpacas are compared with a range of familiar animals and children are asked to identify the animal step by step through their distinct features - the ears, long neck, soft, curly wool, big eyes, four legs, grass diet and their habit of sunbathing.  We are then treated to some additional facts about alpacas and some extremely cute photographs of them.

The cover and binding is extremely sturdy and is sure to last through the many times it will be read.  The font used throughout is easy on the eyes - it would make a fantastic read-aloud book or one for parents to read to their emerging readers.  Alternatively, beginning independent readers would also be bound to find it entertaining and informative.

Highly recommended for inclusion in all primary school libraries.

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