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  • Alpaca Yarn
    Gorgeous 100% alpaca yarns. Handspun natural colours and commercially spun yarns.
  • Knitting Patterns
    Patterns from baby to adult and all types of accessories
  • Bedding
    We only sell certified 100% alpaca filled duvets using 100% New Zealand Alpaca fleeces.
  • Baby Items
    Babies can wear alpaca products straight onto their soft skin. Many hand knitted items available, singlets and hats. All 100% alpaca. We're constantly adding more items.
  • Children's
    All sorts of things for the kids. Boys and girls aged 1 year to approx 10 years
  • Ladies
    We carry a really nice range of ladies clothing. New colours being added all the time. Realistic prices and good quality imported alpaca blend and also NZ made 100% alpaca.
  • Mens Wear
    A good range of men's clothing. V neck and zip collar jersey's as well as vests and other items all 100% alpaca and very reasonably priced.
  • Hats
    Hats, hats and more Hats. Huge range of colours and sizes. Something for everyone. Almost all are hand made by our ever growing team of knitters. Items can be made to order.
  • Scarves
    Wonderful scarves, handmade by our knitters and also some hand felted. We also carry machine made, Huge range of colours and sizes to choose from. Can also be made to order.
  • Gloves
    100% Alpaca gloves can't be beaten for warmth and comfort. We make gloves, mittens, glittens and fingerless gloves
  • Footwear
    Slippers, Socks and Innersoles to fit everyone. Warmth you won't believe and very hard wearing.
  • Homewares
    A great variety of cushions all alpaca or llama themed. Also wall hangings.
  • A good selection of necklaces, earrings, pendants and ket rings.
  • Lanolin Products
    The best skin care products made from the lanolin in the NZ sheep wool.
  • Toys
    Wonderful toys, We also have alpaca made from real alpaca hide. These come in a huge range of colours. Please just ask for a photo. Extra Soft and Extra cuddly
  • Books and Cards
    We sell 2 lovely books. One for the learner reader and one for the next stage up. Some really nice alpaca themed cards also available
  • 100% New Zealand alpaca fill, Cloud of Dream stitching, Canvas carry bag. Includes Certificate of Authenticity. Contents 1 summer weight 150gsm duvet inner + 1 spring/autumn weight 350gsm duvet inner. Domed together for a winter weight 500gsm duvet. The perfect all year round solution.

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